Unexpected deletion and suspending behavior

Where do I report this error!? How do I fix it?

Hi, let me double check I understand. You want to unsuspend old cards (assuming the one you already have) and delete all new unsuspended cards that would be added when syncing? So Ankihub is deleting new cards as an error, not yourself, rght?

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this was the log…idk what’s happening…but I’m in a GI block and it’s pulling stuff up from cardiology and GU

It also randomly deleted like 100 cards from anatoking. Do I need to update anki and then anking respectively? I got the Mac ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩ version.

I’m not sure if you got notified to the reply or if I replied to myself accidentally, but if you have any ideas, I’m all ears.

You got it right!

I see, that sounds like a bug. I’ll assign it to a developer :slight_smile:

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We are looking into this. In the meantime, here’s what I suspect is happening. It’d help if you could look and confirm

AnkiHub cannot delete notes. The only way anything would get deleted is if it’s an “empty card”. I’m guessing cards have c1 and something on AnkiHub deleted c1 and changed things to c2. That would make the c1 note “empty” which could potentially be deleted and add a new card c2 that has the same content.

Can you find some specific examples? Is this only in the Anatoking deck?


I made a backup and downloaded and redownloaded it and it seems to be working fine now. It was weird but I haven’t had an issue since.

Glad it’s working!

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