[Wiki] Data-Driven Quizbowl Cards by andrew.b.correll

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This deck was made using the help of ChatGPT to comb through thousands of quizbowl questions from free packets online. ChatGPT was also used for almost all of the information, so take the info with a grain of salt. :eyes: GPT-4 was used for images to help make facts more memorable as well. Any edits or improvements are appreciated.:pray:
:mag: Attempts were made to find only the highest yield information to study from. :microscope: If topics were not used more than three times across all the toss-ups with that topic as the answer (on qbreader.org), the topic was not included in this deck. :no_entry_sign: All images are attributed and sourced appropriately via public domain or CC0 if not cited. :camera_flash::mag::100: