[Wiki] SGUL Y1 - Ekansh by eka_nsh

Hey guys, this is the collection I used for Y1 last year (22-23) and it helped me to revise everything in detail before exams. This collection contains all the decks I created for all the modules, plus some of my friends’ contributions.

Here are some quick disclaimers before you guys use this deck:

  • Do check your LOB list against what I have in the description of my decks, as I am pretty sure there might be some updated LOBs for you guys
  • My anatomy decks are probably the best ones I have, so make sure to go through them in detail
  • Feel free to edit the cards accordingly by making a copy of them if you would like to on your own versions of Anki since I will not be updating this deck anymore (as I am in Y2 now)
  • This covers all of BCS from Y1 and ONLY the models you need to know for PPS
  • If you would like to contact me about anything, contact me at m2202784@sgul.ac.uk
  • Also here’s a link to my Y1 notes (courtesy of others as well at SGUL HinduSoc) - SGUL HinduSoc - Year 1 Resources - Google Drive