[Wiki] Touro Deck Lecture by bradleyboman

MAKE SURE YOU ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO THE OPTIONAL TAG “TOURODECK” IN THE ANKING OVERHAUL DECK. This deck contains information presented in lectures that could not be found in the AnKing deck. The purpose of this deck is to supplement the tag named “TouroDeck” which can be found in the optional tags on the AnKing Overhual Deck. The tags are named for the lecture and match those in the TouroDeck tag. This means after you watch or attend a lecture, just unsuspend the cards under the corresponding tag. This will unsuspend cards in the Lecture Specific deck that go with the information with that lecture. After you’ve taken the test for that block, the idea is that you can then suspend the cards in the lecture deck (low yield for boards) but keep the cards in the AnKing deck unsuspended (high yield) for continued review.