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prefer to keep the focus on the two drugs already mentioned and amboss doesn’t emphasize a difference between treatment for underexcretion / oversecretion



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Think this is based on Sketchy, so it seems like a reasonable change (although I am not sure I would separate 2nd/3rd line since this seems overly specific). Also, potential dupe of nid:1504364915813


Agree with @herstein.jacob

Agree with @herstein.jacob

@AnKing-Maintainers updated per @herstein.jacob’s suggestion :+1: :-1:

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Would prefer to name the first line therapy in Text to reduce mental burden of card; looks good otherwise.

(Currently have to recall what is first-line before being able to answer when we’re really just trying to test second/third-line)


@AnKing-Maintainers Just had another suggestion for this same change. Let’s try to close this one out.
Made changes as discussed above. AMBOSS considers these 2 drugs for all forms of chronic gout not just underexcretion and also added allopurinol to text field.

What two drugs are indicated for the treatment of chronic gout after failure of first-line therapy (e.g., allopurinol)?

{{c1::Probenecid, pegloticase}}

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So many co-authors we might as well turn this into a publication :rofl: