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@melbashir Fantastic catch!! We’ll definitely want to make the distinction here between the progression from hydroquinones to quinones to hydroxyquinones. @Ahmed7 Since this is a mistake we’ll want to urgently correct for, I wanted to flag it.

We might want to divide this into two notes as follows:

Note 1:

{{c1::HYDROquinones}} are {{c2::oxidized}} to form {{c2::quinones}}, which are {{c3::oxidized}} to form {{c3::HYDROXYquinones}}.

Note 2:

{{c1::Quinones}} are produced from {{c2::phenols}} if you add {{c2::an oxidizing}} agent.

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For now we can just accept this to correct the mistake, would that suffice for now?

Yup, that works

so in term of increasing oxidation it would look like this.

Pehonols ------> quniones -----------> hydroxyquninones

That’s a good point. In this context of what can be oxidized to form quinones, hydroquinones are the most frequently tested type of phenols, which is why I specified them. We can be more comprehensive & eliminate the need for a 2nd note, like I had in an earlier post, by including phenols at the first step of this oxidation sequence, like you did, & specifying that a hydroquinone is a type of phenol

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I think thats a good idea the names are similar and it personally confused me.