[02.12.2024] Delete Note, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1058485

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This might be a bug, @cte_braindamage what do you see here? Theres nothing to even edit

Looks like it, didn’t even know there was a change type for “Delete”?

@abdo.nh potential bug? This happened with another user @tarkleson

This was the first time I had seen “Delete” as a category. I can try resubmitting the suggestion under a different category if needs be. Essentially I just submitted a suggestion to delete Cloze 2

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This is normal. AnkiHub now supports note deletion suggestions. The resulting suggestions show as empty. This is not available in the add-on yet.

Though this won’t work for removing cloze cards. You have to edit the text to manually remove c2 here.

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The suggestion should be rejected as accepting it will result in the whole note marked for deletion.

@ProductTeam I think the AnkiHub editor UI can be improved to communicate this better. Maybe the editor fields should be hidden or made read-only and a explanation is shown when the Delete type is selected.

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Do you think updating the change type from “Delete” to “Delete note” and adding popup text that “any changes to fields will not be applied” will solve the issue? Disabling the fields would be challenging because the fields are editable before the change type is selected, so we won’t know to lock them since the delete function is selected after potential edits. Does that rationale check out/what do you think?

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Yes, I think this will work. We can always do more if this doesn’t clear the confusion.

It’s technically possible to toggle the fields according to which category is selected, regardless of whether edits were made. It doesn’t sound challenging to me actually.

Maybe we are imagining user flows differently. Here’s mine:

  1. User selects note in add-on
  2. User may or may not try to edit the fields of the note
  3. User selects change type (Delete note)
  4. In new version, user reads message on the popup that says the changes they may have made in step 2 will not be applied

I don’t see us being able to toggle the fields off at the correct place in the user flow.
Let me know if you’re seeing something differently!

Yes, on the add-on we can’t hide the fields, but we can do it on the web app.

Oh, I see!

Since most users are likely doing this from the add-on, I think we should use the version I just posted in Figma and described initially on the add-on, then can we hide the fields in the webapp?

Would it be feasible to handle these differently with both solutions?

Yes, I think that would be good!

Yes, I was talking about the web app actually.