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Not sure about this, this is the only card in the deck that I see that defines confounding bias. Sure, not the most difficult to understand type of bias, but think it’s valuable as is. Could use some formatting

“Confounding bias occurs when an extraneous factor muddles the exposure-disease relationship and {{c1::is NOT::is/is not}} on the causal pathway”?

I like this card as is although its very long, agree with CTE that this is the only card that really defines confounding

My problem with keeping this card as is is that there is no active recall happening in the beginning half of the card. I feel that cards should have us recall key information, not just passively read text. I also feel like no underlining/bolding makes this card a time sink interfering with anki flow.

I’ll look at it tomorrow and see if there’s support for shortening as I suggested above and put some formatting