[02.24.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1078074

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Harrison’s uses LMNOP
For congestion: “LMNOP”
Lasix IV w/ monitoring of UOP
Morphine (decreases sx, is a venodilator, decreases afterload)
Nitrates (Venodilator)
Oxygen +/- noninvasive vent (decr sx, incr PaO2, no change in mortality)
Position (Sitting up & legs dangling over side of bed leads to decrease preload)

That one’s also fine

I edited the suggestion

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I think LOVE is better, but misses morphine (could do O for opiate (morphine) but not exactly the best I guess

We also need to see if LMONP or LOVE is used in other cards across deck. LMNOP is widely used so support changing to that.

Whatever you guys want is fine. For what it’s worth I wasn’t aware of LMNOP when I came up with LOVE

We have card directly testing LMNOP so gonna go with this

Shouldn’t we icnlude this on the card, for those who might not remember what LMNOP stands for?

We have cards directly testing LMNOP, but I see your point, can add it, perhaps suggest a change and other maintainers will weigh in, lowkey support, but don’t think it’s necessary.

NID: 1555285366251

For adding mnemonics to extra, we want to ideally just keep LMNOP, not spell it out.

Otherwise if we follow the format of explaining the mnemonic in every card where its put it will just make the extra very messy.

If users dont know what LMNOP means they can find the relevant mnemonic card and unsuspend that

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Agreed that it’d make the Extra messy and super long unneccessarily, but for a new user, I’m not sure if they’d understand why there’s a bunch of letters from the alphabet on the card

What if we did it like:

The L from the LMNOP mnemonic

or something similar, so they’d know that it’s a mnemonic and they could then search the browser for that

I think it might improve the QOL for the deck users, but if it seems unneccessary, then we could leave it out

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What we do right now is just underline the relevant letter of the mnemonic, it just looks cleaner

I agree that it might be confusing for new users but I believe they’ll get used to it quick/understand it. Not worth making the extra longer for this

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