[03.05.2024] Spelling/Grammar, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1161128

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not sure this is necessary, might just need to read card more carefully. What NID are you referring to @balexfree ?

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“In G6PD deficiency, oxidative stress precipitates denatured hemoglobin as Heinz bodies.”

Obviously the nuance of the different sentences can help but in long term reviews you aren’t thinking about the other card.

Hemoglobin as a whole is still within RBCs, but this card is specifically referring to a component of hemoglobin, so in order to be queued to answer with a component of hemoglobin rather than hemoglobin itself, this may help.

FAS1 2023 pg. 422 & Amboss both say heinz bodies = “denatured hemoglobin chains (contains iron)” - think this should be changed to hemoglobin, would solve the confusion.

Yea i get this wrong all the time because i end up answering hemoglobin not globin chains