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@bbh001 Could you provide rationale for 400830?

QID 400830:

The question stem is referring to passage information in which subjects are asked to perform a task either alone, or in the presence of a neutral observer (it’s looking at the effect of the presence of this person on task execution). The question stem asks to characterize which type of behavioral influence is being tested here: answer options being dispositional, affective, situational, and cognitive.

In this case, it is the presence of the other that is the primary variable being manipulated. This being an external factor, situational attribution is the most appropriate designation. Requires the recognition that situational attribution relies on environmental factors such as, in this case, the presence of others, in order to tie that to the question stem and be able to answer correctly. The change in behavior being observed (speed and facility of execution of the given task) is due to situational factors, rather than internal ones.

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