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Need context from a QBank here. Our card is consistent with AMBOSS’ claim.

AMBOSS in the linked article directly state: “The indications listed below are consistent with the 2023 ADA guidelines. The 2021 USPSTF guideline recommends screening in adults aged 35–70 years with overweight or obesity.”

Followed by the first indication listed: “All individuals ≥ 35 years of age;
Patients < 35 years of age who: Are overweight or obese AND have ≥ 1 additional risk factor for T2DM” (etc. etc.)

UpToDate, in linked article, also say that testing should begin in all other asymptomatic patients >35 y/o (#4 in table 1)

I thought this card could mislead into thinking all patients with elevated BP should be screened, including those <35 and who are not overweight/obese.

Read unclear to me with first qualifier being applicable to rest of sentence. Feel free to resubmit with the wording changed to make that clear