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Also found on FA23 pg248

AMBOSS Gynecomastia (also references finasteride in HY)

Okay with adding but five seems like a lot.
could consider converting to a mnemonic card from the extra or if we want a single-word one…there’s:

MaleSHACKES (like milkshakes) :joy:

Antiandrogens (or more specific Asterides)
Estrogen Stimulators

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Finasteride is high yield, don’t know why it wasn’t mentioned

I wonder if we should make this a 1by1 mnemonic card now.


I think making this into a 1by1 would be good. 4 was a bit much, but 5 is a lot for a single cloze as written


like some hormones create funny knockers, support 1by1


@Sameem @Ahmed7 @IantheBFG @thomas.holmes Would prefer:

The drugs commonly associated with gynecomastia may be remembered with the mnemonic “Some Hormones Create Funny Knockers”

Stick to the mnemonic we already have as more people are likely to recognize it next time they get the card

Also need to check the UWorld QIDs on nid:1462979594244, see if this is directly tested anywhere/if any new QIDs should be tagged here. We don’t currently have a card testing finasteride with gynecomastia but do mention it in the extra on a couple. It’s mentioned in the explanation of 658 (don’t have access to the others)


Tbh I like milk SHAKES a lot more, but the one used is also just fine. Will look into UWorld later

Still missing a few that may be on SA1 but I just wrapped up all the Male Repro pharm questions in the Step 1 bank and none of them directly test this. 658 tests the antiandrogenic effects and it is included in UWorld’s “Medication-induced gynecomastia” table on QID:687 though

Like the idea for 1b1 mnemonic using existing.

@Cameron 14818 asks about mechanism of gynecomastia in patient taking 5a-reductase inhibitor.


Yeah I was mostly joking about the milkshakes. (The only advantage was it included other things left out)

The one in the extra is widely known so I think it would be better for that reason to stick with it.

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Updated to 1b1 (before pushing, even though I have the first letters underlined accordingly in the edit window it doesn’t seem to be showing that on anything besides spironolactone so if someone can double-check that?)


looks good!

@Ahmed7 in the HTML, color RGB 225,”,” is for white, can it cause any issues?

It wont cause any issues really other than maybe making the font weird, we should remove this anytime we see it

I think it happens when we edit the suggestion through mobile browsers, weird, but let’s accept this as is, then see if it affects anything on main anki window

IDK but I double-checked it after pushing just to be sure and the card was all sorts of messed up :joy: So I just manually typed it all back out again and pushed the fixed one.

Quick tip: you can also copy the text from main field and then paste it in HTML field, then edit the main field as needed.

You can check the slack canvas for the video on “how to remove weird text formatting”