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Is final velocity also given? Without it, I’m not sure how distance could be solved for since the right side of the equation (with initial velocity, acceleration & displacement) isn’t set equal to something on the left side

@Brian_BH Just following up

Oop, my bad. I missed this one.

In this case it’s traveling upward against gravity so the implication is that the final velocity, at the top of its travel arc, is going to be 0.

Looking at it, though, I see that this equation is cross-related to time and there is another card that relates the velocity to distance which I think is more fitting. I’ll resubmit.

Sounds good, I see a separate QID for 403589. Just wanted to check if that was meant to be there. If so, could you submit a suggestion with its rationale?

Done and done. Resubmitted for 403589. :slight_smile:

Great! One general thing I wanted to share about tag suggestions - if it’s a passage-based question (as in, it requires reasoning based on the passage content rather than reasoning using external knowledge), we wouldn’t tag these types of QIDs

That makes perfect sense. Yeah, it would be hard to tag a card that was wholly, or mostly, dependent on reasoning from passage information.