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need to also see what #AK_Step2_v12::#UWorld::#UWSA1::6970 says

amboss: Aortic root dilation is often secondary in primary valvular defects (maybe we can add in cloze that “aortic root dilation (2° to primary valve defect)” , this way, the original information is retained, and it will make more sense especially for people who have done this card for a while, gives a clearer picture imo, thoughts?

I like your suggestion a lot. Edited.

Im thinking also, chronic: {{c1::primary valvular defect (leading to aortic root dilation)}} or {{c1::aortic root dilation 2° primary valve defect}} (this way the cloze still retains the cause, since primary valvular defect is something that ends up leading to aortic root dilation which triggers aortic regurgitation

It is my understanding that primary valvular defects can cause regurgitation by themselves without root dilation. Yes, some cause dilation that causes regurgitation but that is not always the case. So, we cant make the answer “aortic root dilation 2/2 primary valve defect” because it can be either a primary valve defect with or without dilation. That is my understanding.