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@Michael_B, personally yeah. I find this more pleasing, more organized, it reads better, etc.

However, while for myself I do like smaller and more granular clozes, thoughts on the fragmented nature of the clozes here? They don’t bother me, but I feel like your insight here would be useful for me.

Fewer clozes are really preferred for the sake of cutting down on review times. This does backfire when each cloze is too long; I’ve condensed the info that was mentioned in the suggested version (because there are some additional details like the influx of wealthier people that isn’t already mentioned in our original version). But it is still a bit long. Let me know your thoughts! Feel free to add in any changes

One unrelated thing to note is several notes from the Mr. Pankow overhaul have this format where there’s a question and then a cloze under it with the answer (e.g., 1582406074279, 1581284294098, 1581283799216)

Yeah, I think this is good. I get what you’re saying about long explanations, but in this case I think gentrification just is sort of a concept that needs a full sentence. There’s not much way to reduce that down a whole lot further, without losing necessary information imo.

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