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@Michael_B, while I like the mnemonic my instinct is that you would say this is most appropriate for an individual customization rather than a system-wide population update.

I’m tryna see if there’s any more concise mnemonics. But given how quite a few monocular cues have 2 or more words, this will be helpful. I’d say we can apply it system-wide since it offers a lot easier of a solution to memorizing monocular cues compared to brute memorizing them. The dividing line between personalized addition/change vs a suitably system-wide one is admittedly qualitative and the best way I can think to explain it is: would this make the given card easier to memorize, quicker for review times or make more conceptual sense?

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Quick note that I’ll make - I added the entire mnemonic’s sentence at the top of Extra for readability. Also added bullet points for the word-by-word breakdown

Also corrected “monacles” to monocles