[05.09.2024] Spelling/Grammar, AnKing-MCAT/AnKingMed, ID 1467199

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@Michael_B, in this case I do think this card could stand to be worded better. I don’t myself love the improved phrasing and think we could do better, but overall I think calling attention to the wording is merited here.

Definitely think the consistency of phrasing here is helpful (i.e., “when others litter, …” and then “when they themselves litter, …”; if you have a suggested improvement @Brian_BH , we can def look into applying it here

When someone else litters: “Wow, what a terrible person!”

When I litter: “There’s no trash can around, what else can I do?”


I was thinking about it, but in momentarily glancing at @fohanc’s suggestion just a few minutes ago, I think that’s quite clear and succinct. I think that works pretty well