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@AnKing-Maintainers This has been suggested about 5 times; we’ve been hesitant to change it in the past but we should probably find a way for this to be specific to Nitrofurantoin. It can be and is used for UTI in pregnancy but obviously there are many other options

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We can change to urinary antiseptic? But that might make it too easy

What about lung fibrosis? i edited the text above

Looks like I actually accepted the change from urinary antiseptic → antibiotic back in November (or maybe earlier not sure the date is right); didn’t know they meant different things. If that’s truly differentiating I’m good with reverting and not worry about adding more to the card

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Yes I believe we can just change it back, don’t want to add pulm fibrosis because it will change the purpose of the card IMO slightly


Maybe change uncomplicated UTI to lower UTI

Agree it seems we should remove “uncomplicated” at least

Or maybe just go with “what drug is used to treat uncomplicated UTI in pregnancy?”

Based off AMBOSS, don’t think there’s such a thing as uncomplicated UTI in pregnancy unless it’s trying to get at something specific. Pregnancy itself makes UTI complicated.
And there’s several drugs that can be used to treat UTI in pregnancy

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