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UW 3560: Urgent neurosurgical consult (explanation says steroids often used in suspected malignant cause, the table says the same)
UW 3680: the answer is steroids (the case is about prostate mets)
UW 4391: the answer is MRI to the spine (no mention of steroids except in the table)
UW 5199: the answer is (high dose steroids plus MRI of the supine), the case is about suspected mets as well
I support a change to the card by adding more about steroids indications [obviously it is a tested topic] in the extra or changing the text to +/- steroids with an explanation in the extra as well

Overall, i believe the card needs more explanation because this change was suggested few times before as well

I would also love to see IV antibiotic indications as well (in case of epidural abscess)

Thanks for this! Yeah, AMBOSS includes the discussion of glucocorticoids for use in metastatic/inflammatory acute spinal compression. With 3/4 being given steroids, I think we should keep it and explain in the Extra.

My suggestion would be keep card as-is and say in Extra “Glucocorticoids should be administered before MRI; thought to help in suspected malignant etiologies and given before confirmation” or something? Trying to keep concise. Though maybe the gut reaction of acute spinal compression = give steroids should just be kept since there isn’t a UW question where steroids are NOT indicated in acute spinal compression. :man_shrugging: