[06.09.2024] Content error, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1693797

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The HTML is a mess
but it’s a good point

@websurfer Do you have an acceptable source like the nid of the other cards or an AMBOSS article or UW QID? We don’t use UpToDate as a standalone reference. 📚 AnKing Step Deck Submission Guidelines

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Yea this would be a rejection @mohannadkh10

@Ahmed7 of course but i mean he/she is not wrong on the part that we need to add = and include 13 and 15


Amboss " absence of menarche at 15 years of age despite normal development of secondary sexual characteristics, or absence of menses at 13 years of age in female individuals with no secondary sexual characteristics"

UW “Primary amenorrhea is the absence of menarche at age ≥13 in girls with no secondary sexual characteristics (eg, no breast development). In those with secondary sexual characteristics, primary amenorrhea is absence of menarche at age ≥15”

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here 1516926711511

team work makes the dream work

here is another related note id 1520199273058

okay gents so when are we fixing this card?