[06.12.2024] Spelling/Grammar, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1700159

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This is covered here nid:1474740458829 and here:1474740473452

Fair enough, but even so, to me at least, it feels like you shouldn’t have a one-by-one on the course of the ureter without clozing the most high yield point. It would be like leaving ‘gallstones’ out of ‘I GET PP SMASHED’ because other cards cover gallstone pancreatitis.

I understand that but this would just make these cards duplicates, which we are trying to avoid

Has that ever been such a level of concern that we’re not including/removing extremely HY cards from one-by-ones (or the corresponding individual card)?

Just to cross-check, I just went to the one-by-one tag and picked a card at random (drug induced lupus). Half the drugs in that 1b1 should be deleted if that’s the case.

I can say that this card in its existing format has actively lost me marks (despite having the individual cards you mention unsuspended).

Personally dont support but need more input from others to make a decision @AnKing-Maintainers

I usually don’t support adding more clozes to cards and don’t support in this case because this card is testing mostly on the under-over-under aspects.

Also ‘females’ don’t have vas deferens, the hints are flipped

Agree - feel like this is outside the scope of this specific card