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Can’t biopsy alone be taken for microscopy to visualise the cigar shaped yeast?

technically true but I don’t think this is the standard approach
We need a culture to confirm that it’s dimorphic at different temperatures

UTD “When sporotrichosis is suspected, culture from tissue biopsy, sputum, body fluids, or aspirated material from a skin lesion should be collected. Histopathology is typically also performed simultaneously”

“Culture is the gold standard for establishing a diagnosis of sporotrichosis and is also the most sensitive method”

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Makes sense, it would also increase the yield. On superficial digging it seems like microscopy is only used for dermatophytes, not systemic fungi.


But histopathology IS looking under the microscope for the cigar shaped yeast, so UWorld does say that’s done simultaneously. If it’s not gold standard maybe it could just go in the extra section but if UWorld says it “typically” happens simultaneously it seems like it belongs on the card, kinda in the original two-answer format of the card but with the modifications you’ve made for the one answer.

Also FYI fungal is spelled wrong, I don’t think I can edit yet.

I still see culture as the correct answer supported by UW, UTD, Amboss
But i am ok with {{biopsy}} and (not or) {{culture}}

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Sure, honestly it might be best to just put the conclusion of this discussion right in the extra section. “Fungal culture of biopsy/aspirate is the gold standard for definitive identification but histopathology is typically performed at the same time (e.g. to look for cigar shaped yeast)”


Added this to extra field, good to approve? @AnKing-Maintainers


maybe “tissue biopsy” instead of “biopsy tissue”?