[06.15.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1710973

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Need to add 2 hour mark to text, but definitely support if we do that


Think we should also edit clozes to be the same - rn we have one with units and time outside cloze, other inside, not sure which I prefer. Maybe change as follows?

Oliguria is a urine output of {{c1::<0.5}} mL/kg/hr for {{c1::2}} consecutive hours

Anuria is a urine output of {{c1::<50-100}} mL over {{c1::24}} hours

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I like that format but since we’d be clozing some new info could we track down where that definition for oliguria comes from before pushing?

Original source is de Virgilio 2nd Ed pg 450 which is basically copy pasted into card

AMBOSS just simplifies as “< 400 mL per 24 hours in adults (less than 0.5 mL/kg/h in children)” in their pop-up box

Good catch, my bad.

@Cameron for simplicity/limiting changes, I would leave current definition (since card is based on the textbook) and add alternate AMBOSS definition in extra.

EDIT: actually, unsure about this… the definition from AMBOSS is much more universal and based on NEJM.

Do you know if it’s defined in Uworld at all? I can check Step 1 later but I assume it’s more likely to be specific in Step 2 or 3.

AMBOSS’ definition might be easier to remember as well especially since the anuria one is defined similarly as is

My Step 2 just expired, so I am not sure unfortunately

@AnKing-Maintainers anyone have Step 2 access and could check on this?

Step2 UWQID 4607 mentions oliguria as <500ml per 24 hrs in the explanation section, however in the question patient has <200/24hr. Questions usually play safe imo. so 400 vs 500 is not much of an issue.

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@AnKing-Maintainers Let’s close this one out, couple of options:

:+1: Stick with the original definition of oliguria from de Virgilio for Text (<0.5 mL/kg/hr for 2 consecutive hours) + Add definition from AMBOSS/UW to Extra

:-1: Change to the AMBOSS/UWorld definition of oliguria (< 500 mL over 24 hours)

:eyes: No need to change anything in Text here just get rid of the redundant bits in extra

:-1: + good rationale for change, including the OG definition in the card