[06.30.2024] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1739628

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Please make sure to add a rationale for each suggestion on why this is needed for 55,000+ users

See the suggestion guidelines for more info

Each one that i had submitted today and tagged you is because of a question from COMBANK directly tied to getting the question right. But moving forward I will be more mindful.

This is regarding COMLEX? Sorry I am not super familiar with COMBANK. We want to tailor only towards adding content pertinant to USMLE exams and qbanks (AMBOSS, UWorld). But I read that combank also has USMLE related material? I’d appreciate any clarification

Unless it’s explicitly OMM, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between content on NBOME exams vs NBME exams aside from the wording of questions and emphasis on different topics (ie MSK, female repro, and micro for NBOME vs Risk factor for USMLE)

But I see your point on adding unnecessary information. I can type up better explanations as to why the suggestions I added today can be incorporated. Still, it would mostly revolve around the idea that it revolves around concepts already within the deck (ie diagnosing a rotator cuff tear with ultrasound is a card within the AnKing deck, but COMBANK asked about using the US for Achilles tendon tear). They are close enough to where I feel it would be relevant to both STEP and COMLEX.

Also, since I am trying to tag as many cards as possible for the COMBANK level 2 decks, the question that I am trying to tag for that talks about using ultrasound for diagnosing Achilles tendon tears. There is no explicit card for that within the AnKing deck, but this same card emphasizes the same general concept of using a low-cost confirmatory test vs an MRI (gold standard for soft tissue MSK). Adding that Achilles tendon ruptures can also be dx via ultrasound only solidifies this concept further for both USMLE and COMLEX test takes.

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Wonderful explanation thank you!