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There is another card that goes like this " leads to {{c1::vasogenic}} intracranial hypertension"
I don’t think this is the correct way to describe the types of cerebral edema.

Can you please provide me with the source of this card?, because Amboss (link above), FA24 P715, UW step 2 uses those terms (cytotoxic, vasogenic…etc) to describe cerebral edema, not ICP (increased ICP is a consequence of cerebral edema)
I need to make the same changes in few cards but I want to see your thoughts first @Anking-Maintainers

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I have to mention that those are step 1 cards

Original source is SketchyPath (see Sketchy images here), which we’ve frequently had to correct in the past. The way you’ve edited it is my understanding of using these terms as well. Think this is a good change

support @anking-maintainers

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Should we merge?

Cannot find the term vasogenic intracranial HTN in FA2024 or AMBOSS so will push