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This is interesting, I have usually heard fossa ovalis and foramen ovale in the context of embryology, e.g. the closing and renaming is a normal developmental process. I’m not entirely sure if the catheter thing is what this card is getting at. It’s still an interesting connection to have but the embryology should probably be mentioned as well so it doesn’t seem like the catheter thing is the only context for these terms.


Even though it’s the only nid tagged I feel like there’s gotta be a better card in the deck for this info.


I see your points, it’s the only card that mentions fossa ovalis so i thought it’s the best place for it
I believe that this is the only HY clinical application about fossa ovalis but i also see how it’s so random

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I think you could get the question right just by thinking through the name “interatrial septum”, although it’s possible that you could worry about iatrogenic damage and wrongly eliminate that answer. At any rate, searching “atrial septum” doesn’t really return anything relevant (it’s mostly embryo, cardiac myxomas, or conduction system), so I think @mohannadkh10’s change makes sense. I think it would be even better if we added an image showing where the fossa ovalis is, like this one

I got this question wrong the other day because this is nowhere to be mentioned in the deck. I think we should include the actual word “interatrial septum”

So we can change to “A venous catheter, such as one used for ablation, traverses the interatrial septum’s thin membrane (the fossa ovalis) to reach the left atrium”?