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@neheller We recently moved to non-copyright images. You’ll see that, in the Extra section, we include the photo credit for images like these in the “Text” section. With this said, we stay away from using images that are CC-NC, or non-commercial. We can use open-source or open access sites like WikiMedia Commons, OpenStax, Cureus, Hindawi, PLOS, Frontiers. Where did you find the image you included?

I made that image myself in ChemDraw. Is there any way that I can designate it with the license you need?

@Ahmed7 I wanted to get your thoughts on this. How do we go about photo credit to authors of suggestions?

You would need to add the following text to the image:

CleanShot 2024-02-21 at 21.52.19

So copyright symbol alongside The AnKing, LLC
Illustration by Your name

This is also covered here:

Alternatively, you can upload this to creative commons and then we can reference it that way

However, very important, does ChemDraw allow users to make content on their website/application and then let users upload it wherever they like/take ownership of the image/use it commercially? please confirm this first, then we can use that image

Funny enough, I used a ChemDrawJS instance that doesn’t seem to exist anymore, so I’m not sure how to confirm that. I’d be happy to re-draw the structure in a different app, but after a quick search I don’t seem to see a good free one to use. Do you happen to know of any?

Honestly not sure of any, @Michael_B or @AhmedAfifi any ideas?

There are a couple images on Wikimedia Commons for guanidinium that don’t have the dashed lines like our original image does. Although, most don’t have the charge on NH2. The ones that do have other compounds in this picture, but we could crop out what we need. For example, we’d crop out the image similar to neheller’s in the suggestion from the below Wikimedia Commons image. We can include the adjusted photo credit, but not sure if there are any problems with cropping part of the image?

Link to image in Wikimedia Commons: File:Guanidiniumcarbonat Sturkturformel.svg - Wikimedia Commons


You can crop it! The license allows you

But you must add, at the end of the photo credit “modified by cropping”

Hey @neheller , thank you for the suggestion! I substituted out the image for one included in Wikimedia Commons as included towards the end of this discussion. I’m not able to do that by editing this suggestion so I submitted a separate one & adjusted for photo credit. With that said, I’ll close out this suggestion. Feel free to reach out if you wanted to discuss anything else about this note