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see open suggestion on this note, this is currently being discussed by maintainers, will make a change soon hopefully

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I think it is quinine everywhere except the USA

This was being discussed in main chat, right? What did we decide there?

We still didnt decide but @herstein.jacob is correct. AMBOSS says " * OR [quinidine] (in the US; quinine elsewhere)

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alright made a few changes, added MOA of how the drugs work, and rationale. No card in this deck AFAIK explains the difference between quinine and quinidine so i feel like we should perfect this card so no future confusion can occur. Feel free to make more changes

Guess we should add that line in the extra section, and switch to quinidine in text then.

In the context of antimalarial usage both quinidine and quinine have similar MOA and would be more relevant to mention here. AMBOSS does a bad job clarifying this but this article for example states:

[Quinidine] achieves this by… forming a complex with heme, thereby inhibiting crystallization within the same compartment. Consequently, the inhibited heme polymerase activity leads to the accumulation of cytotoxic-free heme.

This makes sense b/c as far as I can tell they’re derived from the same chemical structure and only differ by like 1 carbon. So I’d just mention they work similarly in the context of malaria

In AMBOSS drug article: states " When used as an antimalarial agent, acts principally as an intraerythrocytic schizonticide; the drug has little effect on sporozoites or preerythrocytic parasites."

Also " Gametocidal against Plasmodium vivax and P. malariae, but not P. falciparum. "

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Where did you get the the 1-carbon difference source? I feel like this might be a nice addition as well

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