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@Ahmed7 @Wildspin9 @shmuelsash @Stillmatic @zarathustra @Joe @CTE_BrainDamage - FA23 says hyperplastic polyps are most common, but that is under the “generally non-neoplastic section.”

Ya, would just put this in extra section “First Aid says hyperplastic are the most common, Amboss says adenomatous are the most common”

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Up to date supports this, although mostly treatment is usually same, that is removal during colonoscopy (for biopsy).

Think I lean towards adding “non-neoplastic” to text, then putting adenomatous in extra as most common polyp with malignant potential

@Ahmed7 @CTE_BrainDamage @Wildspin9 @Stillmatic @zarathustra @NotEliTanenbaum @shmuelsash @Jwill - edited to stratify based on neoplastic or not, thoughts? Could also just change it to adenomatous as user originally suggested and note in extra that FA23 and Pathoma disagree, but I think that is more confusing


I think the current edit with both tested is the best option (removes controversy)

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@anking-maintainers good to push?


Also @Ahmed7 something is happening to image source code when I delete the text from sketchy field, not sure if it is an issue

5 upvotes on previous comment says it all :wink:

Missed that… thank you

the sketchy looks okay