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agree on principal - would like to see what amboss says

also agree on principle - though struggling to find evidence for the original fact (I don’t have amboss). Have done a ctrl+F for ‘sclerosis’ on all of the dynamed pages and can only find mention of systemic sclerosis. Doing a ctrl+F for ‘trunk’ doesn’t return anything. In addition, there are a myriad of potential causes, several of which wouldn’t necessarily involve either. To give an example, CML can cause thrombosis → pulm htn.

grouping of causes of pulmonary htn: https://i.imgur.com/u24XPwG.png

Per Amboss: “PAH associated with endothelial dysfunction: ↑ endothelin and ↓ vasodilators (e.g., NO, prostacyclins) → vasoconstriction → arteriosclerosis, plexiform lesions”. That’s the only mention of arteriosclerosis in the pulmonary HTN page in Amboss. I guess a more correct card would say something like “Pulmonary hypertension can be characterized by {{c1::arteriosclerosis}} of the pulmonary trunk”

yeah, agreed - thank you for finding on amboss. Given the above, I have to ask, do we feel this is a concept that’s even worth testing? In my view, would be better to test on say, the overarching causes on pulm htn than one subgroup of many. (not that I’m critiquing your suggestion - it’s definitely better than the original card, and I appreciate the thought and time you’ve put into it!)

I looked through the deck and couldn’t find any single card that envelops “causes of pulmonary HTN” (potential new card idea?). I found another card in a similar vein (lol) to this one: “Pulmonary hypertension is characterized by {{c1::intimal}} {{c2::fibrosis}} of pulmonary arteries” (5fd843ce-d8e8-4fd5-9f44-4ca41e647062) and am now wondering if the card is implying that chronic pulmonary ARTERIAL hypertension leads to intimal fibrosis and subsequent arteriosclerosis. If that is not true, I would probably delete this card, as you pointed out it is then not worth testing. Thanks for brainstorming this out w me!!

Will approve as is now this card sucks but that’s a battle for another day

If you look at this card in the browser among all the anking cards, and sort by date created, you can see that this was created from clozing the section from FA on pulmonary hypertension. I’m pretty sure either this was a typo and the author misread arteriosclerosis as atherosclerosis, or FA used to say atherosclerosis.