[12.20.2023] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 939762

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How about changing second part of Text to “while the {{c1::trophozoite}} form colonizes the {{c2::colon}}”?

Goal would be to keep the second cloze as “colon” as that’s kinda the important point imo (i.e. association that’s useful is cyst, noninvasive, small intestine and trophozoite, invasive, colon)

Didn’t really want to change the main point of this card (passage and excystation sites). There’s another card that mentions the colonization and invasion of the colon (nid:1499808618828). A way to make it shorter is by removing the first part (passing through small intestines), as it would be a logical conclusion.

Original point of this part of the Sketchy is to associate cysts w/ small intestine and trophozoite w/ colon; utility being understanding where Entamoeba invades. They don’t mention anything about excystation really. Can let other maintainers weigh in first though.

nid:1499808618828 doesn’t associate or directly test trophozoite w/ colonic invasion so it wouldn’t be an equivalent replacement for the info here

The cards in general make this point quite clear. nid:1499808042795 directly. nid:1500150957710 & nid:1499808618828 both mention trophozoite being invasive and that the invasion happens through the colon. The only point making this card different is the excystation site.

My point is that none of those directly cloze trophozoite and colon together, which is the utility of this card

Fair enough. Also seems differentation site is a LY point as it’s not mentioned of FA23 nor is it highlighted on AMBOSS.

@Ahmed7 Thoughts here/call in others for opinions? Summary of discussion above:

Trophozoites don’t differentiate in colon, but important point stressed by the Sketchy was that the trophozoite form should be associated w/ and invades at the colon so we should strive to keep cloze the same imo. Change is just to make wording more accurate to actual life cycle of Entamoeba