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I am still seeing this information covered on p 37 of the 2021-2022 version, was this moved completely?

I stand corrected, it appears on page 37 as well (albeit briefly):

“The medial and inferior vestibular nuclei project to the nodulus (a central nucleus of the cerebellum) and the ventral uvula.”

You can disregard this suggestion…

I do not wish to completely disregard the suggestion, because if it is covered in chapter 8, the tag should exist for that section as well. Typically, we are conservative regarding removing tags, but this can happen if the information is definitely no longer covered in that section or was never covered in the first place. Are you sure for your other suggestions which remove tags that the information in the card is not covered in the removed tag? Just want to know whether I need to double-check all of your suggestions

I would suggest going over everything, as I might have missed things that are also covered in chapter 1.