Add "Tag Group Settings" to Optional Tag Groups

Request to add “Tag Group Settings” to optional tag groups.

Current state:

Future state (currently implemented in decks):

Can you explain more what you mean by this?


Right now it seems like there is no way to delete optional tag lists on ankihub, make them private, or update the descriptions.

I’m assuming this is because there isn’t a page like this for optional tag lists;

Gotcha! These are all things on the todo list down the road. For now we can make changes on the back end for you

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Great! Would appreciate it if you could delete “Northwestern FSM”.

Edit: from the main Anking deck

To be sure, do you want Northwestern FSM (with a space) deleted - not Northwestern_FSM (with an underscore)?

They bring up a good point. We shouldn’t allow optional tag groups with spaces in them because that fundamentally won’t work with Anki’s tagging system

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Yes that’s correct. Spaces won’t work.

I think @pedro or @heitorado are planning to implement a quick fix for this.


That’s right! We already released it this week. Spaces are still allowed but won’t be a problem anymore. A more permanent fix is planned to be released soon :slight_smile: