Adding a section named Big_Picture in tags for Anking Deck

As you may know there are cards which need you to have a big picture of an area to understand it and sometimes you even have to research about it.
My suggestion is to add a tag named as ‘Big_Picture’
And in feature people make some new notes for understanding those notes which need a big picture in mind.

My suggestion is a bit raw and has ways for improvement.
What do you think? Is this suggestion practical?

Can you give an example?

For example this card

Card ID 1666842928886
Note ID 1475453165470

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Should we not just add text to the extra field that describes the big picture? Or an image there?

Yeah that a plausible solution.
But it’s seems nice to have a section to have those card in one place or people suggest that tag for cards which think need more explanation.
For example:
I find a card hard to understand → I suggest explanation or big picture or whatever Tag is more appropriate and you think is better(the section I mentioned) for it → If the suggestion seems reasonable people in ankihub approve the tag —> People who are knowledgeable or have more expertise suggest an edit in extra field or whatever way there is to make the card easier to understand.

So basically a tag for “needs some work” kinda thing?

Yes something like that

I think that’s reasonable. I’ll discuss with the team

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