AnKing generated antibiotic coverage figure

So hear me out. I know you all are trying to avoid copywrite images and thus are making some of your own products. Therefore, I suggest making a basic figure that shows the general coverage of the primary antibiotics we study. Said figure then gets incorporated into the Extra field on every note that references one of the listed antibiotics in the Text field. This way there would be a quick reference for why a particular ABx is used. While also providing continuity in the graphic design between notes, which would improve retention. But also, it would just be nice to have. I’m not talking anything fancy here, just a generic idealized antibiogram made in excel.

Here’s an example of what I mean for those who may be unfamiliar.
Thank you Wikipedia Antimicrobial spectrum - Wikipedia

Here’s another take on the same idea an ID doc gave me once upon a time.


Thank you for reaching out

Personally, I feel like this is too broad to really be useful when it comes to Step 1/2/3. We have to take into account that a graphic should benefit the majority of the 34,000+ subscribers to the deck.

This is just my take but I will let the maintainers weigh in

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Hey! Appriciate you reaching out!

Personally I’ve always liked these diagrams and I always keep a printout around for a quick reference. That said these will not be much useful when adding to anki cards, remember one of the principle of “good card making” is to keep info split out. This is rather opposite. It’s something that’s high volume usually helpful when you’re trying to find out which abx will be appropriate to give when in clinics.

Alternatively we can use horizontal splits of the graphs to indicate the spectrum of a single drug separately.

TLDR: this is helpful mostly for PCPs / interns and not much for active anki users. If split for each drug, can be useful in extra section.


Absolutely hear what you’re saying. Thanks for considering it and responding though.

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