👑 AnKing Step Deck Update #5

:crown: AnKing Step Deck Update #5 (April 13th - May 14th)

Hi everyone! :wave:

Hope you are all having an amazing month!

Let’s catch you up on what’s been going on every time you click the sync button :repeat:

:tada: 27,535 note updates!

:heart_hands: 3,527 new subscribers!

:white_check_mark: Deck Updates

:question:Question Banks

★ NBME: New tags added for OBGYN CMS form 5 (thanks to @taylordugan). Find it under this tag:#AK_Step2_v12::#Resources_by_rotation::ObGyn::nbme::form_5

★ AMBOSS: New step 2 self-assessment tag added! (thanks to @taylordugan)

★ UWorld Self Assessment: Step 1 UWSA #3 has been tagged! (thanks to @herstein.jacob)

★ Step 3 UWorld Tags: New Step 3 UWorld tags added for various QIDs (thanks to @dollajas)!

:sparkler: Sketchy & Pixorize

★ SketchyPathology: New tags added for missing cards (thanks to @joshuamb)

★ SketchyPhysiology: Tons of new images + tags + hyperlinks added for various videos (thanks to @epcase)

★ Sketchy: 100s of pre-existing screenshots updated with higher quality screenshots (thanks to @musamalik)

★ Pixorize: 100+ images and hyperlinks added, thanks to the official Pixorize team!

:video_camera: Video Resources

★ BNB Step 1: New tags added for missing cards in antihypertensive video (thanks to @lawsonspence)

★ BNB Step 2: New tags added for many gastroenterology videos (thanks to @a11exa)

★ Bootcamp: 100+ tags and hyperlinks added to various cards (thanks to the official Bootcamp team!

:yum: Other

★ PANCE: 1000+ new tags added! (thanks to @camicardona)

★ New Addon: A brand new AnKing table addon for formatting is out! Use this addon to format existing AnKing tables (thanks to @shmuelsash for creating the addon!)

★ GIFs: GIFs displaying clinical signs have also been added (Relative afferent pupillary defect, CN VI palsy, etc.)

The list above does not include the 1000s of spelling, grammar, formatting, image, GIF additions and changes the community (you all) have submitted! :heart_hands:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Project Progress

:tada: OnlineMedEd (OME) Project

21,000+ updated hyperlinks have been added. Tags will also roll out in the future!

:rotating_light: Don’t miss out on this exclusive 25% discount on a multi-month membership to OME: ANKING25

:brain: Algorithm Card Project

A new algorithm card covering the workup for blunt abdominal trauma was pushed out (thanks to @Sameem!)

Also check out the accompanying management flow chart made by @beejumm!

:art: Illustration Projects

@beejumm and @ianthebfg created some gorgeous illustrations to aid in your learning! Check them out :heart_hands:

🫶🏼 Community Shoutouts

A few community members were outstanding with their suggestions this month and we want to highlight their dedication!

Top 5 community members with the most suggestions accepted in the last 30 days:

  1. @camicardona (4,603)
  2. @mohannadkh10 (1,192)
  3. @a11exa (434)
  4. @epcase (369)
  5. @taylordugan (290)

Thank you to everyone who submitted a suggestion this month! :heart:

:man_mechanic: New Maintainer

We’re happy to announce this month’s new maintainer! This user has dedicated a ton of time submitting helpful suggestions for content changes/tag additions and general deck improvements. Please give a warm welcome to:

  1. @DillingerMed :tada:

:mega: We Need Your Input!

:exclamation:We are looking for current or soon-to-be medical students to conduct a 45 minute virtual interview for research purposes. If you are interested, please sign up here ($25 Amazon gift card for those who complete the interview):

Sign up if interested: AnkiHub User Study

:exclamation:We are also looking for more information regarding what type of curriculum your school hosts (systems-based, traditional histology/anatomy approach for M1 years vs PBL). This quick survey will help us improve AnkiHub in the coming months. It’s a 2-3 minute survey!

Survey link: https://forms.gle/gDM9Dq1TG8cjq2GG6

:question: Poll of the Month

Recently, we have started adding video hyperlinks to the extra section of certain cards, typically under a minute long, illustrating certain various physical exam findings. Some of these include:


We want to know more from you below (poll is anonymous)!

Which of the following comes closest to your opinion on these hyperlinks:

Which of the following comes closest to your opinion on these hyperlinks?
  • I HAVE used the hyperlinks, I have found them HELPFUL, and there should be MORE of them
  • I HAVE used the hyperlinks, I have found them more DISTRACTING than helpful, and they should be REMOVED
  • I am INDIFFERENT to the hyperlinks
  • I have NOT used the hyperlinks, but they sound HELPFUL, and MORE should be added
  • I have NOT used the hyperlinks, but they sound more DISTRACTING than helpful, and should be REMOVED
  • MORE hyperlinks should be added, but in a dedicated section apart from the extra section
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:wave: Wrapping up

We hope you all enjoyed this month’s update!

Take care everyone :heart:

The AnKing Step Deck Maintainers :heart:

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are there any intentions / plans to tag based on the NBME Step 2 Forms (9-14)?

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Currently we do not have any volunteers for this. If you’re interested let us know!