AnkiVersion does not have a subversion on HEAD

When I run on anki’s HEAD on github, I get the error message

File “/home/milchior/.local/share/Anki2/addons21/1322529746/”, line 547, in
ANKI_MINOR = int(ANKI_VERSION.split(“.”)[2])

This is because, according to the debugger

>>> from anki.buildinfo import version as ANKI_VERSION
... print(ANKI_VERSION)

I admit I’m confused, this number does not seems to make sense. And maybe it won’t be visible in any stable release, or even debug ones.
But I guess at least, I’d appreciate if you could fail gracefully, and just, maybe, log an error and note that the add-on won’t work, instead of having an exception popping at anki start

This was reported here: [Anki 23.10 Beta 1] ANKI_MINOR = int(ANKI_VERSION.split(“.”)[-1])
Also see this for the fix: [Anki 23.10 Beta 1] Backup failed and modified_in_python - #3 by abdo

That’s how Anki is versioned now: Change Anki's version scheme; bump to 23.09 by dae · Pull Request #2640 · ankitects/anki · GitHub