Best way to suggest merger and duplicate tagging


Recently I’ve found myself suggesting a lot of mergers for duplicate cards in the Anking deck. Originally I was adding the delete duplicate tag to one card and then merging everything from that card onto the one I was suggesting to keep. It seemed like on the reviewers’ end they were rejecting my suggestions and then doing the merging themselves. Now I’ve started to just make a small change like adding a space on the card I’m suggesting be deleted and writing something like “suggesting deletion and merger with Anki ID: #, reason duplicate” as the rationale.

My question is what is the best/easiest way to go about making duplicate suggestions for the reviewers?

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Thanks for making this suggestion. I handle all duplicate merging - I’ve enjoyed your suggestions thus far. I do them myself to make sure all tags and images are moved fairly. What helps me is including the following:

  • Mark as “updated tags” since I use that filter to quickly find dupes
  • Rationale: “dupe of nid:#### (use Anki note ID # from browse by pressing cmd shift i”
  • Mention which card you think needs to be kept if they are slightly different (I usually defer to keeping the step 1 card or the older of the 2 cards, but have made exceptions in the past)


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