Could we make all "Increased/Decreased/Normal" clozes have a hint telling us to pick one of these?

This suggestion is specific to the AnKing Step1/2 deck; basically, there are many cards with clozes asking us to identify whether something increases, decreases, or stays the same. Sometimes these cards are confusing because one might try to answer the cloze with an overly specific term that isn’t quantitative at all, but for the handful of clozes in the deck that already have a hint like “increase/decrease?” in them, I’ve found these helpful to make sure one knows what is being asked (though most of the clozes in the deck do not have this kind of helpful hint).

So basically, I’m wondering if it would be possible to add hints to these cards so that we know that the card is asking us to decide between increase/decrease/no change? For example…
“When X happens, this lab value will {{c1::increase::↑↓↔}}”

Ideally, these hints would also be applied to all clozes in the deck asking us to answer increased/decreased/normal, including variations of these words (for example, variations of increased include increase, increasing, increases, raises, high, higher, stimulates, activates, larger, etc.)

Our team is amenable to reasonable hint suggestions as long as they fall within the standard formatting of the deck. If you see specific cards you would like to add a hint to, feel free to suggest that on AnkiHub and we will review those on a case-by-case basis. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the reply! Unfortunately, it would take a very long time to submit suggestions for the hundreds of cards that have “increase”, “decrease”, etc. in the cloze, but if there’s an easier way to submit this suggestion on AnkiHub, I’d certainly be open to doing that!

You’re right, I had this in mind when I initially responded to you. If you encounter a specific card you think would be improved by this type of hint you’re welcome to submit it! But we have some big projects and limited time right now so this may have to be revisited as a big change that we coordinate

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