Emails / Verifications / Empty Cards Feature Request and Observations

Just some things I’ve noticed recently

  1. Common issue: After people subscribe to the deck and everything is working well, they are confused as to why the deck has 0 cards. New users need to “unsuspend” a card. This could be made clearer, as I’ve seen many instances of people trying everything under the sun to try to fix why there are no cards on the front of their anki yet they can see cards in the browse. When all they need to do is unsuspend a card. Hopefully @jakub.f’s fix will solve this!

  2. Recent issue: I’ve noticed recently people think that their Ankiweb emails need to be the same as their Ankihub emails for things to work. this actually also happened when I was guiding a classmate on buying a subscription, their immediate thought was “Wait let me check what my Ankiweb email was so I can use the same”. Some users have messaged asking me to change their email because they think that’s what will fix their issue (when it was something irrelevant to emails)

  3. Common issue: Another common issue is “my screen is blank when I click on the deck”. The simple fix is “tools → empty cards → delete” but this is not obvious to users since the screen is blank. This occurs quite a few times and frustrates users

  4. Common issue: “Send me verification email please” is still a common thing unfortunately (I believe this is actually the most common message we recieve

  5. Feature Request: It would be nice if there was an X symbol we can click on to remove tags instead of having to go to edit suggestion → scroll to the bottom → find the tag → click X

Not all of these require solutions ofc, but just some things I’ve noticed recently^^^

This reddit user offered 10 dollars for someone to fix their issue (tools → empty cards → delete was the solution, I feel like no one should be so frustrated that they offer money to fix their issue, we need to explain to users that yes, please delete the empty cards or cards MAY NOT work properly)



Anki should normally show a message like this for empty cards:

My guess is that some add-on or code in the template is interfering with that. Next time someone hits the issue, let’s ask them to temporarily disable add-ons to see if the message appears.


@MarynaMoraes We have some opportunities for UX improvements here. Can you have a look at those requests please? :sparkles:

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Hey Cani, I created these two tasks:

  1. “Unsuspended” the card:
  2. Remove tag:

As we discussed on Slack, the other requests are already being or have been worked on. :grinning: