I can't submit bulk suggestions since this morning!

Since this morning, I haven’t been able to submit bulk suggestions. I can submit single suggestions, though. I received an update notification for the AnkiHub add-on this morning as well, so maybe it’s related.

For the past month or so, I always get an error message when I make bulk suggestions, but the suggestions still get submitted regardless (in the comments).

Error message (don't change this)
Anki 24.04 (429bc9e1)  (ao)
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1
Platform: Windows-10-10.0.19045

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "aqt.taskman", line 142, in _on_closures_pending

  File "aqt.taskman", line 86, in <lambda>

  File "aqt.taskman", line 106, in wrapped_done

  File "C:\Users\Mohannad Khaled\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1322529746\gui\suggestion_dialog.py", line 258, in <lambda>
    on_done=lambda future: _on_suggest_notes_in_bulk_done(future, parent),

  File "C:\Users\Mohannad Khaled\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1322529746\gui\suggestion_dialog.py", line 332, in _on_suggest_notes_in_bulk_done
    suggestions_result: BulkNoteSuggestionsResult = future.result()

  File "concurrent.futures._base", line 439, in result

  File "concurrent.futures._base", line 391, in __get_result

  File "concurrent.futures.thread", line 58, in run

  File "C:\Users\Mohannad Khaled\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1322529746\gui\suggestion_dialog.py", line 250, in <lambda>
    task=lambda: suggest_notes_in_bulk(

  File "C:\Users\Mohannad Khaled\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1322529746\main\suggestions.py", line 174, in suggest_notes_in_bulk

  File "C:\Users\Mohannad Khaled\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1322529746\main\suggestions.py", line 463, in _rename_and_upload_media_for_suggestions
    media_upload_cb(media_names=set(media_name_map.values()), ankihub_did=ankihub_did)

  File "C:\Users\Mohannad Khaled\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1322529746\gui\media_sync.py", line 80, in start_media_upload

  File "aqt.operations", line 262, in run_in_background

  File "aqt.operations", line 282, in _run

  File "aqt.taskman", line 72, in run_in_background

  File "traceback", line 190, in print_stack

  File "traceback", line 25, in print_list

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 47, in write

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 177, in write

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 205, in write_and_convert

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 210, in write_plain_text

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 47, in write

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 177, in write

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 205, in write_and_convert

  File "colorama.ansitowin32", line 211, in write_plain_text

AttributeError: 'ErrorHandler' object has no attribute 'flush'

Sentry link (for developers)


Anki 24.04 (429bc9e1) (ao)
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1
Platform: Windows-10-10.0.19045

File β€œthreading”, line 937, in _bootstrap
===Add-ons (active)===
(add-on provided name [Add-on folder, installed at, version, is config changed])
AMBOSS add-on [β€˜0amboss_addon’, 2023-11-13T19:01, β€˜None’, mod]
Advanced Browser [β€˜874215009’, 2023-10-21T17:34, β€˜None’, mod]
AnKing Note Types Easy Customization [β€˜952691989’, 2024-05-21T01:42, β€˜None’, mod]
AnkiHub [β€˜1322529746’, 2024-05-27T17:37, β€˜None’, mod]
Anking Tables [β€˜854267140’, 2024-05-20T22:02, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Browser TableEditor side-by-side horizontal split [β€˜831846358’, 2022-01-26T00:11, β€˜None’, mod]
Clickable Tags v20 [β€˜1739176371’, 2022-01-31T00:58, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Custom Background Image and Gear Icon [β€˜1210908941’, 2023-04-19T04:19, β€˜None’, mod]
Customize Keyboard Shortcuts [β€˜24411424’, 2023-11-01T11:17, β€˜None’, mod]
Edit Field During Review Cloze [β€˜385888438’, 2024-01-03T09:19, β€˜6.18’, mod]
Export Single Tag For Sharing [β€˜960563361’, 2022-04-11T00:30, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
FSRS4Anki Helper [β€˜759844606’, 2024-05-21T07:19, β€˜None’, mod]
High Yield Tags [β€˜1918380616’, 2023-01-10T21:14, β€˜None’, mod]
Image Occlusion Enhanced [β€˜1374772155’, 2022-04-09T10:15, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
More Overview Stats 21 [β€˜738807903’, 2021-07-30T22:13, β€˜None’, mod]
Reset Ease [β€˜947935257’, 2023-11-12T03:22, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Review Heatmap [β€˜1771074083’, 2022-06-30T04:43, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Symbols As You Type [β€˜2040501954’, 2024-01-20T07:42, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Symbols [β€˜1461102936’, 2024-02-10T18:53, β€˜None’, mod]
The KING of Button Add-ons [β€˜374005964’, 2024-01-27T12:19, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
add-on dialog searchfilter bar [β€˜561945101’, 2023-10-18T19:22, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
rebuildempty some or all filtered decks [β€˜104518886’, 2023-05-17T01:33, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
uworld_qid_to_anki_search [β€˜607963104’, 2024-04-13T21:56, β€˜None’, mod]

===IDs of active AnkiWeb add-ons===
104518886 1210908941 1322529746 1374772155 1461102936 1739176371 1771074083 1918380616 2040501954 24411424 374005964 385888438 561945101 607963104 738807903 759844606 831846358 854267140 874215009 947935257 952691989 960563361

===Add-ons (inactive)===
(add-on provided name [Add-on folder, installed at, version, is config changed])
Add Hyperlink [β€˜318752047’, 2023-06-18T14:39, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Add Table [β€˜1237621971’, 2023-06-18T14:37, β€˜None’, mod]
Additional Card Fields Fork for 21 [β€˜744725736’, 2022-10-23T13:10, β€˜None’, mod]
Advanced Card Styles [β€˜1625103157’, 2021-12-28T19:49, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Anki Simulator [β€˜817108664’, 2023-11-06T19:26, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Batch Editing [β€˜291119185’, 2023-10-26T03:38, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
BetterSearch [β€˜1052724801’, 2024-03-06T18:25, β€˜None’, mod]
Browser Resizer [β€˜1435775540’, 2023-11-11T19:16, β€˜None’, mod]
Calculate New Cards To Do [β€˜2014569756’, 2022-05-19T08:38, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Closet For Anki [β€˜272311064’, 2022-08-12T11:27, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Colorful Tags Hierarchical Tags [β€˜594329229’, 2022-09-15T18:06, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Editor ProToolBox - Web importer, quick format, & media scraper [β€˜editor_pro_toolbox’, 2023-10-23T00:38, β€˜None’, mod]
Extended Card Stats During Review [β€˜1008566916’, 2024-02-26T21:07, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Extended Tag AddEdit Dialog [β€˜1135507717’, 2023-11-11T18:58, β€˜None’, mod]
Fastbar- with nightmode support [β€˜46611790’, 2023-06-27T14:47, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Free Weekend - or Any Other Day [β€˜742185195’, 2020-04-10T14:57, β€˜None’, mod]
Google Doc Decks Remote Decks [β€˜924929499’, 2024-05-05T04:58, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Google Translate [β€˜1536291224’, 2024-05-08T17:16, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Highlight Search Results in the Browser [β€˜225180905’, 2023-10-21T22:17, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Hint Hotkeys [β€˜1844908621’, 2023-04-14T17:13, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Image Editor [β€˜307397307’, 2022-09-08T07:09, β€˜None’, mod]
Leaderboard [β€˜41708974’, 2023-01-15T12:53, β€˜None’, mod]
Load Balanced Scheduler [β€˜208879074’, 2019-07-24T05:37, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Mini Format Pack [β€˜295889520’, 2023-11-02T20:00, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
More Decks Stats and Time Left [β€˜1556734708’, 2024-04-11T13:35, β€˜None’, mod]
Pop-up Dictionary beta [β€˜153625306’, 2019-03-23T19:32, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Progress Bar [β€˜2091361802’, 2019-03-03T04:27, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Puppy Reinforcement [β€˜1722658993’, 2023-11-16T14:59, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Quick Colour Changing [β€˜2491935955’, 2023-10-19T06:15, β€˜None’, mod]
Quizlet to Anki 21 Importer with audio support [β€˜1362209126’, 2024-01-15T20:55, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Searching PDF Reading Note-Taking in Add Dialog [β€˜1781298089’, 2022-08-15T10:22, β€˜None’, mod]
Show total review count in main screen [β€˜1730200873’, 2023-10-14T20:00, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Special Fields [β€˜1102281552’, 2024-03-20T01:34, β€˜None’, mod]
Spell Checker with Custom Dictionaries [β€˜390813456’, 2023-10-20T19:00, β€˜None’, mod]
Straight Reward [β€˜957961234’, 2023-11-01T16:11, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
Syllabus - Anki Statistics and Export by Tag and Deck [β€˜668156440’, 2020-01-19T21:52, β€˜None’, mod]
The KING of Study Timers [β€˜907028815’, 2022-04-20T21:14, β€˜None’, mod]
Web Browser - Search terms Import texts and images automatically [β€˜864545277’, 2023-11-17T21:28, β€˜None’, mod]
Wrapper meta-addon [β€˜396502676’, 2023-07-22T15:05, β€˜None’, β€˜β€™]
extended editor for field for tables searchreplace [β€˜805891399’, 2023-07-31T17:12, β€˜None’, mod]

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