Notification about comment on change suggestion

Maybe I’m just missing it somewhere, but I don’t see how to enable email notifications whenever someone comments on one of my submitted Community Suggestion for Change Note Suggestions. I currently only get emails when it’s approved or rejected.

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This is pretty confusing but you can try this

Find the tag of the deck you want and click on it, then click on the bell on the right and set it to whatever suits you best

I set it to watching but this makes me get a notification whether anyone liked a post or something.

Another way you can do this (i think this way might be better but honestly this website is confusing with notifications)

Click on your profile top right, click on settings

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Try changing some tags and settings here. It took me a while to figure this out and I had the same issue where someone would comment and I would never get notified. The only thing that fixed it is setting the anking-overhaul tag to watching (but i get bombarded with notifications, not sure how it would work for you but you can try out different settings and see if it makes a difference