Official Thread: German clinical/M2 Decks "Zankiphil v2.0" & "Dellas_x_Amboss Pharmacology"

A “official” thread for the german clinical/M2 Decks from the student group “Projekt Anki” of the BVMD e.V. (German national student association) :slight_smile:

Zankiphil v2.0:

An Amboss based deck that ankified all 850 topics listed in the 100-Day-learning-plan and is meant to be used starting your first clinical semester.

Tagged after:

  • Amboss online clinical library
  • Amboss M2 learning-plan
  • Amboss M3 learning-plan
  • University-curriculum (currently Halle and Regensburg. Kiel is planned)


An Pharmacology deck based on the “Kurzlehrbuch Pharmakologie” by Clausdia Dellas that is meant to be used starting your first clinical semester, too. Every info = a card

Tagged after:

  • Book-Chapters: Read a chapter → Activate all matching cards
  • Amboss online clinical library (Some topics covered in the book that are not on Amboss!)

Both decks are currently (07/2023) work in progress. More info at

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to write into this thread. I will recieve a notification :blush:


Great work!! :clap:

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