Protect .svg format from changing to .webp

Can we please prevent the svg’s from getting converted to webp so that their detail doesn’t get blurry, ideally through whole deck. Alternatively we could apply this to tag:#AK\_Other::Card\_Features::Algorithm tag so we can prevent this specific card type that is Image Occlusion note type, from having media change. since these images will directl go into text field, it would help to keep the question/occlusion section images with same details as intended.

@jakub.f @andrew

Yes, we can stop converting SVG images to webp. Would that be enough? Can you create suggestions to replace existing images with their SVG versions once we stop converting them?

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Yep, we’re about to replace some images that are going to be svg. It would be awesome if we can keep them as such. Thank-you!

It looks like SVGs are already protected from the conversion to webp for some time now! So you should be able to upload them now without them getting converted.
Please tell me if you encounter any issues with that.

Awesome, thank you!

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