USPSTF A and B Guidelines for Family Medicine

Hey all,
Just had my family medicine shelf exam (MS3) and I saw that although the USPSTF A and B guidelines were really important, there really aren’t any specific cards in the AnKing deck related to that. Since the guidelines are updated every so often, I thought it would be great if we could add them to the deck, and we can update the cards as needed. Any thoughts?

The AnKing Step Deck is primarily for doing well on the Step exams, not for Shelf exams (although it helps significantly).

You can add your own cards, or find/make a deck on AnkiHub specifically with USPSTF related cards.

Doing a quick search on AnkiHub, this might help?

Thanks for this - that makes a lot of sense. Somehow I must’ve missed it, but this sounds like exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!