Verified Smooth Brain Deck Error + Anki Hub Error

I keep getting an error saying that the verifiedsmoothbrain deck does not exist on the ankihub website when it does. All of these windows pop up and it freezes my anki all the time and so I have to force quit and I open it up again and I get the same messages… not sure what to do.

It seems that there is no deck with the id shown in the image on AnkiHub. The id of the Verified Smooth Brain Deck is 4ccff5b1-d429-4ca9-8a4e-6698fba244b4.

Try this:

  • Go to Anki main window → AnkiHub → Subscribed Decks
  • Unsubscribe from the Verified Smooth Brain deck
  • Subscribe to this deck:
  • Subscribe for the same deck in the add-on by clicking on Add in the Subscribed Decks dialog and pasting this id: 4ccff5b1-d429-4ca9-8a4e-6698fba244b4.
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thank you!

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