[Wiki] 2024 First Aid Rapid Review - USMLE STEP 1 by saffron5877

Welcome to the 2024 First Aid Rapid Review Wiki

This deck comprises the content of the Rapid Review section of First Aid for USMLE Step 1, 2024 edition

Based on decks created by /u/WolffParkinsonBrown & /u/Timeless-Doodle-1701/

Welcoming all suggestions/corrections

Hey, thank you for assembling this deck! looking forward to using it. I subscribed and have access to all cards. I tried syncing, reseting local changes and waited for the media sync to be idle, but none of the FA images show up… Was wondering if you’re planning to upload those or if you have advice on that?

Thanks again!!

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your message. I have removed all the First Aid screenshots that were included in the deck this was based off of, as they were used without permission. File linking for those remains, as I was unable to remove them. I would discourage anyone from downloading the previous deck and importing only its images, as that be a unlicensed use of Elsevier’s copyrighted material.


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