[Wiki] AnKore for ABR Diagnostic Radiology Core Exam by Ankore

Does this deck only cover materials in the Core Radiology Textbook?

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Yes, with some corrections / supplemental information from other resources. This deck covers the main topics of radiology as well as commonly tested zebras in an organized fashion. This is just one of many resources that can be used through residency and should not be your only study tool.

Hey stumphickory! This is a great deck. Would you please be able to update the AnkiCollab version or post an export for the current version? I believe it is quote outdated and is the one I have been using. Thanks!


Thanks for the deck. Any suggestions on deck settings? Should we leave it set to the default “ankihub” settings?

Additionally, if anyone is able to answer this, I am having a weird experience where some cards will be due in 3 days with “good,” some 2 days, and some will be 4 days. They were unsuspended and done at the same time, and the first click on all three was “good.” Is this indicative of messed up settings/deck?

Hello fahfar, we recommend you use the deck from ankihub. We do not regularly upload to AnkiCollab as there are 50-100 suggestions / corrections to the deck daily.

Hello, portions of the neuroanatomy, neurovascular anatomy, and physics chapters are missing images for me. How should I fix this? Is this happening to anyone else?