[Wiki] AnKore for ABR Diagnostic Radiology Core Exam by Ankore

This is a radiology deck for the ABR Diagnostic Radiology Core Exam.

Cards tagged with 1E need to be updated to 2E (mostly media), and there are some sections that are incomplete with placeholder cards to maintain the folder structure. It is recommended to search for “DECK PLACEHOLDER CARD” and suspend these cards.

If you want to format text, here are some style suggestions:

  • Use bold for nouns and medical terms.
  • Use underline or italics to emphasize anything else.
  • Avoid capitalizing medical terms unless they are proper nouns or otherwise conventionally capitalized.
  • Consider including line breaks between text and images in the same field to separate content (less hunting for the eyes).

#Adding media:

  • If you want to submit images, please set your Anki to paste as .PNG, as .JPG files are lossy and create compression artifacts.
  • If pasting from a PDF, the best way to copy images on Windows is with PDF-XChange Editor, which allows you to select images directly to copy, as well as clean snapshots that include overlaying text (link here: PDF-XChange Editor Download Page).

#How to use:
The deck is organized into subdecks by chapters. Each card will ultimately be given hierarchical tags with the following format: #Ankore::Textbooks::Core_Radiology::####.

Read a page and unsuspend the relevant cards, and you should be good to go!

Please suggest edits or new cards as you see fit.

There is also an anatomy section being made that includes occlusion cards.

Media (updated 5/18/2024):

Link for Ankihub Addon Import (Menu Bar > AnkiHub > Import media)

Link for .zip file (manual addition to your installation’s collection.media folder)

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Not sure why but when I download the mega file the files are not compatible with anki,

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The mega file is just the media files! To download the deck itself make sure you have the ankihub add-on installed (add on #: 1322529746) then use the ankihub tab in anki to subscribe to the ankore deck and then sync with ankihub. Hope that helps!

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Is there somewhere I can get this version of the core radiology book? My page numbers are different.

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can you guys update it on ankicollab?

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We can post exports every once in a while then if you’d like you can share to other sites.

I’m having issues with some images loading from the Thoracic imaging deck (AnkiHub_Subdeck::AnKore_for_ABR_Diagnostic_Radiology_Core_Exam::Core_Radiology::01_Thoracic_Imaging).
I haven’t had issues with images from any other decks.

I have already tried updating the images by linking the ankihub addon import to the MEGA link, and I also downloaded the MEGA file to manually import into the collection.meda folder. However, the images still don’t appear.

It is not every image, but it is a decent percent of the deck. A few examples with cards affected cards:
card id 1703809445854, 1703809445863, 1703809445813

That’s weird, we just updated the megalink recently. I’ll try to fix it.

Guys, is anyone else havin trouble with images in thoracic imaging?
So far I’ve studied neuroimaging and didn’t have much trouble, but half of the images seem to be missing from the thoracic deck…
Any solutions would be appreciated, thanks

What subdeck are you having issues with? Also, are the images completely missing or are they broken? And is it the core pages or something else? Thanks.

The weird thing is that when I search cid:1703809445854or nid:1703809445854, there’s no result. I suspect there was some issue with either syncing or deleting of those cards.

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It’s in the mediastinal chapter, the core pages show missing image icon

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I can replace those images later today. Could you shoot me a DM tomorrow and let me know if they are fixed?

Hello! As a fellow radiology resident I really appreciate your work and this deck! Would it be possible to create an extra field in the note template where I can jot down my own notes? There is a similar function in the AnKing deck and it is super useful as I am based in Germany and need to translate certain terms now and then. Or is there already such an option?

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Yes there is a personal notes section in our card template. However, the problem is if you put notes in there and try to make a suggestion, those notes will also be sent as a suggestion I believe. Not sure about that though.

Do I have to manually activate the personal notes section in the card template options? Would be a gamechanger for me! So, if I never aim to make suggestions (shame on me) it should be all fine?

You shouldn’t need to activate it. You just edit a card and the “personal notes” section is the third section below extra.

Worked like a breeze! Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.

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No problem! Please make suggestions if you see something wrong. It’s not the end of the world if a little german slips in there.

Haha alright! Will do that.

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